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How to run your web hosting business?

If you are thinking running your own web hosting business you are in the right place. Many people asked me to do this article, because i held a hosting company...


Why Linux is better?

Forget about viruses.
If your computer shuts itself down without asking you, if strange windows with text you don’t understand and all kinds of...

RedHat Linux

How to install cPanel

To install cPanel & WHM on your server, run the following command:
cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
This command changes your...


Slowloris protection

Maybe you have heard of Slowloris?
Slowloris is a type of denial of service attack invented by Robert “RSnake” Hansen which allows a single machine...



I want to welcome everyone to my brand new site 🙂
Here I will write about linux tips and tricks.
I hope you will enjoy it