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I applied for Google AdSense

Every newbee blogger is extremely excited when he send request for AdSense application.
Why? Because the Google AdSense is the #1 platform which will give you significant earnings which you can withdraw easily.

I used to have AdSense account, but i cancelled it for some reason, I was angry of my low income.
So i reactivated it as youtube partner, and i had some better results. Now when I am writing blog in English I applied for AdSense Partner several times, so I can place code on my bunch other sites (including this one).

You know that I am writing this because someone from Google Team is going to review my site right? #partialjoke

Whatever happens next I will be stubborn in submiting my site to Google 🙂

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Luka Paunovic

I am Linux System Administrator and student of Business economics at John Naisbitt University.
Love to blog and read blogs.