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I got banned at MicroWorkers

As you already know I have been working on microworkers for a while and it was really good source of income.

Looking for way to earn?

Unfortunately I am forbidden for doing tasks because I did not successfully completed some stupid Admission test.

I didn’t even know it was important, I was just going next, next…
And boom.

Admission Test failed
Passing the Microworkers Admission Test is necessary in order to maintain the quality of Jobs in the system. Since you failed to pass the Test, you are no longer allowed to continue performing tasks.

I was quite surprised… When I contacted MicroWorkers they told me

Thank you for contacting us.

You failed to pass Microworkers Admission Test thus you are restricted from doing tasks. However, we are going to create another test for all who have not passed the Admission Test. Hopefully, you will be able to resume your work.

Thank you for your patience.


Since 30/10/2016 I haven’t heard from them and I am still unable to complete tasks.
Even I was a great worker for more than a year.
When you find this test try to avoid it or at least answer it correct.

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