Fixing Dirty COW without rebooting servers

You may remember of HeartBleed?
It was really strange that OpenSSL has this bug.
Now we have similar thing with Linux Kernel.
It’s called Diry COW – CVE-2016-5195 and you can find more information about it here

Now, do you remember when I wrote article about CloudLinux & KernelCare ?
If you are like me, you won’t like restarting server every time kernel security patch is released.
That’s why we have KernelCare, you can try it for free (30 Days)!
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Kernelcare will apply DirtyCOW fix and patch your kernel without need to reboot.

KernelCare supports:

CentOS 5.x
CentOS 6.x
CentOS 7.x
RHEL 5.x
RHEL 6.x
RHEL 7.x
CloudLinux OS 5.x
CloudLinux OS 6.x
CloudLinux OS 7.x
Debian 6.x
Debian 7.x
Xen4CentOS 6
Xen4CentOS 7
Proxmox 3.x
Proxmox 4.x
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Virtuozzo/OpenVZ 2.6.32

Xen, KVM, PSBM – host, vm
vmware, virtualbox – vm
Microsoft Hyper-V
OpenVZ, VZ, PCS, LXC – host only (single kernel, no need for patches inside containers)

Share your thoughts on CloudLinux and KernelCare bellow in comments. Let me know what you think it 🙂
Did you know that Linux Kernel has over 15+ million lines of code? 🙂

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Luka Paunovic

I am Linux System Administrator and student of Business economics at John Naisbitt University.
Love to blog and read blogs.