How to run your web hosting business?

If you are thinking running your own web hosting business you are in the right place. Many people asked me to do this article, because i held a hosting company for 2 years with more than 1000 clients (which i sold).

You have several options, you can resell (be reseller and sell hosting from other companies) or you can buy your own dedicated server, setup it and do it from the scratch.

If your budget is low, i definitely recommend being reseller.

But we are going to think more serious.
First we will need to buy dedicated server, i recommend some of these companies:
Hetzner (Germany)
Online Sas (France)
SoftLayer (USA)
Ovh (France)

Next, you need to buy some licenses:
cPanel – $34.95
Softaculous – $3
I highly recommend buying it from InterServer

And of course a billing system WHMCS

cPanel is most used withing hosting companies and users likes it, of course you can use Plesk instead.
If you are not willing to give money for panel then you can use Kloxo-Mr


About the author

Luka Paunovic

I am Linux System Administrator and student of Business economics at John Naisbitt University.
Love to blog and read blogs.